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October 2022 Community Meeting Recap - All About Committees

For the community meeting on October 17, PPNA gave a presentation on the work of the different committees.

  • PPNA President Ernest Le gave a brief overview of what PPNA is, what its neighborhood boundaries are, and the how it works to improve the neighborhood.

  • Dave Werkmeister, chair of the Greening Committee, talked the $100,000 BRNI grant which is being used to implement traffic calming measures including bump outs and posts on intersections. Neighbors interested in providing feedback can email

  • Cheryl Bryant from Friends of Library Square talked about cleanups and social events taking place in Library Square. Interested neighbors can contact her at

  • Arch McKown presented on the work of the Safety Committee which includes developing a network of security cameras, applying for grants to implement safety features, and diverting suspects to programs to support them and keep them out of trouble.

  • Ali Morris who is one of the co-chairs of the Housing Committee presented on how the committee keeps tabso n the housing stock in the neighborhood and connects with code enforcement. Since Ali also works for Southeast CDC, she is very familiar with how the process works from both the perspective of the Department of Housing and the Baltimore Municipal Zoning and Appeals Board (BMZA). Neighbors who need help with code enforcement or appeals can contact

A reminder also that in general when you need something from PPNA, the easiest step is to email us at We're happy to hear from you and will do everything we can to help!

Please also consider making a donation to cover our running expenses.


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