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March 2022: City Representatives

It was great seeing everyone who came out on March 14th to our second yearly community meeting! We heard some great information and updates about our amazing city and its future!


  • Shanel Grey is hosting another community cleanup on March 26th at 10:00 am

    • The intersection of N. Highland and Noble Avenue

  • Alley cleanup Saturday, April 2nd, 12-1. Meet in the alley between 100 N Rose and 100 N Luzerne

For any questions, reach out to Danielle Roberts

  • Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance- "What are your ideas and solutions to stop population loss in Baltimore and eliminate disparities among neighborhoods?" March 26th 11a.m



Bill Henry, Current Comptroller

  • Elected comptroller in 2020

  • Comptroller through oversight, the Comptroller’s Office is expected to play the role of fiscal watchdog by keeping residents informed how their money is being spent.

  • Find out more about the comptroller's responsibilities are here:

Bill Henry's 2022 Updates:

  • Bill Henry has switched focus from specific department audits to only performance audits for each agency, thus saving resources and efficiency

  • Board of Estimate, staff was cut in half and reallocated to more critical review

  • Increased number of public conversations about spending

  • Department of Real Estate generated nearly a million dollars in revenue

  • Department of Health Communications saved 2.4 million by continuing modernization updates

  • Everyone who can work from home can work from home

Make sure to watch the video below to hear more specifics and the question and answers Bill Henry provided!

Sam Cogen, Sheriff Candidate 2022

  • Candidate for Baltimore City Sherrif in the 2022 election

  • South Baltimore Neighborhood Association President

  • Recently retired from the Baltimore Sheriff Dept. as Assistant Sherrif to run for the Sheriff position

  • Within Sam's career in the Sheriff Department, he shifted focus on determining how warrants were weighed, violent crimes versus nonviolent crimes, for example

  • Wants to focus on improving safety through the Sheriff's office

    • Running on a modernizing and improved efficiency agenda

      • Would like to create a pathway for people with nonviolent crimes to turn themselves in a new, safe way

  • Wants Sheriff Department to assume more area for safety patrolling so that the Baltimore police can spread out more

    • Adding Sheriff Department to have a deputy presence in all areas of the neighborhood, and provide a deputy presence at local events

  • Provide deputies with further training with the eviction procedure

    • Timely manner and with access to resources for newly evicted people

    • Social workers for the transition after an eviction

    • Rental license crackdown for safety and training for deputies to look for homeowner renter violations

  • Sam Cogen believes that the Sheriff Office's job is not to be the immigration enforcement

    • Commits to wanting to grow a relationship with the immigrant population and not an extension of ICE

  • Sam Cogen has a long history of alliance with police accountability and

  • First Deputy Sherriff to become a full-time police academy instructor with an emphasis on police justice and accountability

    • Reviewed use of force items in reference to holding people accountable for what they have done

  • Professional fellowship with the Police Foundation in D.C and went to Detroit during their descent decree

  • Reach out to Sam Cogen: or

Please make sure to watch the video below to hear all of Sam Cogen's answers to the public questions and more information


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