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Description of Committee

Guiding Principles


-advocating for community members

-optimizing the health and

well-being of community residents

-providing a forum for discussion

and empowerment

Right-of-Way (ROW) Art

Beautification and Safety all in one:

painting stenciled designs

within the traffic-calming bump-outs

at busy intersections

Traffic Calming Initiatives

Busy intersections
Speed humps

Flexible bump-outs

Pedestrian safety, bicycle safety

Neighbors' needs


DOT (Department of Transportation)
MTA (Maryland Transportation Authority)

BPD (Baltimore Police Department)

City of Baltimore


Contact Collin Hayward,

Transportation Chair for PPNA,

The Transportation Committee focuses on developing and implementing projects related to neighborhood transportation and safety. 


Projects include:

pedestrian safety, traffic calming, truck enforcement, Complete Streets, intersection improvements, and neighborhood transit. 


The committee works with neighborhood members to understand their concerns and solicit input for solutions
that they believe would be effective.


The committee, along with PPNA, serves as the main point of contact between the neighborhood and any relevant city agencies.


By taking a community based approach, the Transportation Committee helps with improving local transportation and safety for residents,

and empowering community members to address problems they are currently facing.

The Committee solicits community feedback and works with city agencies to complete projects desired by neighborhoods residents.

The approach is largely based on input from local residents, offering an opportunity to empower one another and implement meaningful change in the neighborhood. 


By advocating for complete streets policies that support public health and safety, the Committee supports the well-being and health of community residents.  

Traffic calming and safety
Contact Collin