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Dave has lived in Patterson Park since 2012. Since then, he has served in a variety of capacities for PPNA, and was elected as President in 2019. Dave takes pride in his neighborhood and hopes that Patterson Park can become an example for other communities—one that is diverse, safe, clean, and green. His go-to spots are Patterson Public House, Roman's Place, or walking in the neighborhood with his 140-pound dog, Pete. 


Daniel has been Treasurer for PPNA since 2019. Daniel and his wife, Laura, have lived in the neighborhood since 2017. Daniel sought to use his experience and skills in a way that would benefit the neighborhood, but when he's not managing PPNA funds, Daniel enjoys taking his daughter for a stroll in the park or a play date at the playground. Daniel hopes that the Patterson Park Neighborhood will continue to grow and develop into a vibrant and friendly community for family living.


Taylor moved to Patterson Park in 2017, and has served as PPNA Secretary since 2019. Taylor is proud of how the projects and initiatives of PPNA are neighbor-driven and visible throughout the city. She loves that "Baltimore's Backyard" is just blocks away from her front stoop, and she enjoys all of the activities the park brings. Her favorite park-outings are playing Ultimate Frisbee, running or biking along the trails, or watching a movie/concert on Pagoda Hill. 

Vice President, East Sector

Alyssa wanted to contribute to the betterment of the neighborhood when she took on the role of VP for East Sector in 2017. Now, she hopes that current and new neighbors will continue to get involved in the community. A Baltimore resident since 2008 and a Patterson Park neighbor since 2012, Alyssa ranks the park events, stooping, and close-knit residents as her favorite aspects of living in the neighborhood.


Vice President, South Sector

Mairin has been a Patterson Park resident since 2015. A Baltimore native with a background in singing and community organizing, and skills in speaking Spanish and baking eco-friendly cookies, she is an asset to the PPNA Board. Mairin enjoys working with friends and neighbors towards a more equitable Baltimore. 

Vice President, Patterson Place

Through Ernest's role on the PPNA Board, he enjoys getting to know his neighbors, bringing people together, and building community. A neighbor since 2015, Ernest looks forward to the continual growth and neighborhood improvements that will ultimately reverse the narrative of Baltimore City. Ernest loves knowing his neighbors personally; they share food, watch each other's pets, and get each other's mail. If you ever see Ernest out and about, you're in for a treat; when he's not working in his garden, he is likely delivering home-made baked goods at a neighborhood event. 

Vice President, West Sector

Alex is a long-time memeber of the PPNA Board; his involvement started when he was a new neighbor in the area in 2012. After years in the community, Alex knows his neighbors through their dogs' names and the seasonal decor on their front doors. He loves the sense of community Patterson Park provides and wants it to be a clean and safe place for all to enjoy. You may pass Alex shooting hoops in the park for stooping in true Baltimore fashion.

Vice President, North Sector

Garrett has lived in the neighborhood since 2015, and joined the PPNA Board as VP for North Sector in 2019. Garrett has always championed grassroots efforts on his own block, ran for VP to help formalize those initiatives with local stakeholders. There are three key things that Garrett would like to see happen in the Patterson Park Neighborhood: revitalize the neighborhood, decrease property vacancies, and increase vitality. Outside of PPNA's monthly Community Meetings, you may also see Garret picking up litter, mowing tree pits, or running for exercise throughout Baltimore City.