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February 2022: Transit Equity Coalition

Thank you to everyone who took time from their Valentine's plans (February 14, 2022) to show some love to the new board! We heard from:

  • Amanda DeStefano: Speaker for the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition (

  • SAVE THE DATE for Saturday, February 26 at 10:00a for Community Clean up in the East Sector!

  • Community Conversations with the PPNA New Board

Community announcements:

  • BRNI grant was awarded to the SECDC from the state of Maryland to install right-of-way art at the intersection of Fayette and Luzerne. Email Dave at to get involved.

  • Want to join in on the Community Clean up in the East Sector? Neighbor Shanel Grey is organizing this at the intersection of Highland and Noble on Saturday, February 26. Come by at 10:00a to join in and volunteer.

  • Larry Nunley is the Community Liaison for the Department of Public Works (DPW). Contact Larry:, 443-615-2626


Amanda DeStefano- Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition (BTEC)

  • BTEC is looking to provide more equity through public transportation in Baltimore. This includes reinstating the Red Line light rail, and building a new system to dismantle racism with transportation.

  • Riders in East and West Baltimore from predominantly black neighborhoods experience double the commute times of riders from central Baltimore communities and predominately white neighborhoods.

  • Currently, the BTEC is working to garner support for the House Bill 1204, the Transportation Equity Analyses and Assurances Act of 2021: Sheila Ruth introduced the act to require prior analysis for any service or funding changes to Maryland’s roadways, sea port, airport, and roads for equity.

  • Contact all your representatives to voice your opinions regarding House Bill 1204 using this template: ​​

  • Follow this link to find out a time that you can canvass with Amanda and the BTEC:

  • Reach out to Amanda to learn more:

Recap of Community Conversations:

The PPNA Board is considering what it will look like to return to in-person meetings, and how we can bring more diversity to PPNA leadership. We want to hear your thoughts:


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