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October 2021: Highlandtown Arts & BPD Consent Decree

Thanks to all the neighbors who tuned in for PPNA Community Meeting on October 11, 2021. Today we celebrate Indigenous People's Day, and a Ravens win over the Indianapolis Colts!


  • Sokol Baltimore: Sokol Baltimore is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting personal and community health by offering affordable gymnastics, fitness, educational, and cultural activities for all ages. They’re located right here in our neighborhood! Sokol is seeking volunteer coaches for gymnastics and other sports. Volunteer coaches can run a sports class, fitness class, training class, or specialty clinic of your choice. We have a great facility, and lots of equipment for your use. In addition, Sokol is seeking to hire a part-time custodian. Contact Sokol Director, Joseph Ehrenberger, for more information, or to get involved:


Courtney Morgan, Highlandtown Arts District

  • Courtney, a neighbor in Fells Point, joined us to share and dialogue about the strategic plan for the Highlandtown Arts District.

  • PPNA falls within the bounds of the Highlandtown Arts & Entertainment District, which is supported by the Maryland State Arts Council.

  • The Highlandtown Arts & Entertainment District is seeking community feedback for a new strategic plan. Feel free to add your feedback to the Google Jamboard, or, share your feedback through surveys, interviews, and focus groups (forthcoming). Community feedback will help inform short-term and long-term goals for the 5-year strategic plan.

  • Consider getting involved with the Highlandtown Arts & Entertainment District strategic planning through the Advisory Board, Community Programming, Educational resources, fundraising, etc. The new strategic plan should be an equitable approach for the Highlandtown Arts & Entertainment District that covers a wide variety of topics.

  • For more information, contact Courtney Morgan ( or Molly McCullagh (

  • Learn more about the Highlandtown Arts & Entertainment District:

Magdalena Tsiongas, Baltimore Consent Decree Monitoring Team

  • Magdalena, a PPNA neighbor, is the Consent Decree Monitoring Team Community Liaison for the southeast district. Applications are now open for part-time community liaisons across the city. Click here to access the request for applications. Click here to learn more about the Consent Decree monitoring team.

  • Compensation is $20 per hour with a commitment of about 15 hours per month. Time commitment includes monthly meetings with other community liaisons, and quarterly meetings with the federal judge overseeing the Baltimore consent decree implementation process.

  • The role involves informing community members about Baltimore Police Department (BPD) policies and happenings, and seeking feedback about experiences and behaviors through police interactions.

  • Neighborhood liaisons table at events, fill out intake forms, attend community meetings, connect with hard-to-reach populations such as youth and previously-incarcerated neighbors, conduct surveys with constituents, and share news and updates about the Consent Decree Monitoring process.

  • New BPD policies are available for public comment. You can submit feedback anonymously for reference by the federal judge that is overseeing the Baltimore consent decree implementation process:

  • Contact Magdalena:

  • Learn more: or

Updating PPNA Bylaws

  • The PPNA bylaws were last incorporated in 2017. The PPNA Board has been working to revise and update the bylaws to reflect our organization’s and our neighborhood’s current needs and values.

  • Part of the process for updating bylaws includes soliciting feedback from neighbors. There are three major changes in the 2021 revision:

    • 1. Change to PPNA membership structure: PPNA membership no longer requires a financial commitment. Instead, PPNA will be a donation-based organization, and membership is open to all individuals who are residents and property owners within PPNA bounds. Members have the right to vote during PPNA Board elections and community initiatives. We encourage you to give-what-you can to support PPNA financially with annual or monthly donations.

    • 2. Adding conflict of interest policy: PPNA did not previously have a conflict of interest policy. We have added a conflict of interest policy, as well as a procedure for determining if a conflict of interest exists.

    • 3. Revision to role of Sector VP: The Sector VP will serve as the Board Liaison for neighbors who wish to request PPNA Fiscal Sponsorship for grant-funded projects for your block or sector. The Sector VP will support the neighbor in making sure that everything is done properly with regards to grant applications, PPNA documentation, budgeting, reporting obligations, etc. The Sector VP will communicate between the project lead and the Board as the project moves forward.

Voting in PPNA Board Elections (January 2022)

Key rules:

  1. Candidates can only run for one position. If you’re not elected, the Board may consider your candidacy for any remaining vacant positions.

  2. Neighbors who are residents or property owners within PPNA must be present to vote at January PPNA Community Meeting: Save the Date: Monday, January 10, 2022 at 7:00pm via zoom.

  3. There is no financial obligation to vote or run. PPNA members who are residents or property owners are encouraged to make a donation (give-what-you-can).

  4. Interested in running? Nominate yourself or others with an email to


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