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May Recap: Transportation Updates and Upcoming Elections

Thank you to all the neighbors who were able to join us virtually, on May 9th, 2022. As always, here is a recap of what was discussed, but we hope you watch the video attached for even more detail.


  • Big Truck Festival: Saturday, May 21st- 10-4 Eastern Avenue at the promenade harbor East Check out the flyer. Join the DPW for a day of music, trucks, games, and fun for the whole family.

  • Community Cleanup with Shanel Grey: Saturday, May 21st- 10 am. Meet at the corner of Noble and N Highland ave.

  • Community Cleanup: Sat June 4th- 11-12. Meet on 100 N Rose and 100 N Milton.

  • Audubon Baltimore Birding Weekend: May 13th-15th

  • Bird watching at Patterson Park: Saturday, May 28th

  • Baltimore’s new water affordability program is now accepting applications. Water4all. Apply online or call 4103965555 for a paper application! The Baltimore initiative caps water bills at an affordable rate for low-income families and provides debt relief.

  • Kim Wiggins Home Tour is coming back!- September 25th, location to be determined, sign up to volunteer by emailing Kim!

MAY 24th: Candidate’s Forum for Delegates in District 46 May 24

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at 7 pm


Alice Kennedy - Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)

Alice works as the commissioner for the DHCD and we were fortunate to have her come and talk about what the DHCD has been up to, as well as other plans for the future. Alice gave information on the DHCD generally and how it is broken up into 5 divisions, including Permits and Inspections, Code Enforcement, Neighborhood Reinvestment, Housing and Homeownership, and Community Service. These divisions handle issues like lead reduction efforts as well as resources that are available to homeowners in Baltimore like low-income solar work and code enforcements or building permits. Currently, the DHCD is working to find better avenues for supporting middle neighborhoods, working with organizations like Live Baltimore and DPW. They are looking to hire an equity expert. They are consistent in their goals of creating equity through housing, having just finished up assisting the O'Donnell Heights public housing creation, offering more affordable housing in Baltimore. Alice's central resource that she wanted to let people know about was the Emergency application for mortgage assistance due to COVID. If the recent Pandemic affected your ability to pay property taxes or water bills since March 2020, the DHCD wants to help. Online and paper applications for this assistance are available online, or in-person with walk-ins with assistance at their office, 417 E. Fayette street, suite 1125. Please reach out to Alice's colleague for more information.

Jonathan Sussman - Maryland Transit Administration Department of Planning

Jonathan brought exciting news about the future of the Maryland public bus routes and accessibility. Partnered with RAISE (The Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity) to create more equity within the bus transportation system. Jonathan spoke about this year's proposal to reinstate the QuickLink 40, a route from the west gate to Essex park and rec. There are also improvements coming to the City Link Blue, and the City Link Orange which runs on Fayette Street along Patterson Place. The Raise project is a 50 million dollar project, funded federally and by the state that would make improvements to the East to West corridor. These improvements include 10 miles of dedicated bus lanes, as well as 10 miles of transit signal priority, 100 bus stop improvements (bus shelter, new benches, garbages, lighting, ADA compliance upgrades), and improved pedestrian and bicycle safety precautions including, increased lighting and trees. The money will also go towards the creation of over 25 electric car charging stations in partnership with BGE. Currently, the project is looking for feedback on their ideas and what people want to see. You can find representatives at pop-up events near transit stops and events as well as at the schools within the corridor's events such as Patterson HS, Dunbar, and Edmonson. Reach out and take the survey or ask any questions you may have at or reach out at

Link to the Youtube video of the May Community Meeting


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