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June 2021: Q&A with BPD and String Lights

Thank you to all the neighbors who tuned in via zoon on June 14, 2021. We had a Q&A with the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) and a Q&A with Chris Broughton, a Canton neighbor, who gave us a walk-through about the process for getting string lights on your block.


  • Composting: Just a reminder that PPNA has a neighborhood compost bin located at N Streeper x E Baltimore St where you can drop off your household compost 27/7. Since the PPNA Composting initiative started in February 2021, our neighbors have diverted four tons of waste from the waste stream!

  • Current COVID restrictions in place by the Baltimore City Liquor Board: In general, licensees may resume operating at 100% of fire marshal rated capacity, both indoor and outdoor. The following restrictions should be noted and are still mandated by law: staff must continue to wear face coverings at all times; indoor dining patrons must continue to wear face coverings except when eating or drinking. Click here for more information, or contact Matt Achhammer, Community Liaison for the Liquor Board, or 410-241-6525.

  • Patterson Park Public Charter School and Clay Hill Public Charter School: Principal Chad Kramer and the PPPCS staff would like to congratulate this year’s 8th grade graduates! Kindergarten spots are now open for Clay Hill Public Charter School and PPPCS in 2021-2022. PPPCS is K-8 and CHPCS is K-3 for 2021-2022. For more information and how to apply: visit or contact Chad Kramer: cell phone: (443) 813-1654, office phone: (410) 558-1230.


Q&A with Baltimore Police Department (BPD):

  • Contact BPD:

    • Captain Danita Boyd, Southeast District: or (410)274-9108

    • Brian Hopkins:

    • Raul Rivera: or (443)357-9781

    • Stephen Wilson:

    • Steven Williams:

  • Reminders to neighbors:

    • Please lock your car doors and be mindful of your surroundings when walking from your car to your home.

    • Don’t leave anything of value visible in your vehicle.

    • Make sure your ground-level doors are locked, that your home alarm system is armed, even when you’re in the house (especially when you’re sleeping).

    • Get to know your neighbors to help deter package theft.

  • Q: How have people’s behaviors changed with regards to police involvement, or non-police-related calls, given current events in the past year? A: Increased collaboration with community members, Building partnerships with agencies that can support non-police related services, such as behavioral health services, crisis counselors, Baltimore Trauma Response Team, and chaplains.

  • Q: How has BPD been responding to the recent violent incidents in Fells Point? A: Maryland State Police has had a stronger presence in Fells Point due to residents’ concerns about loud music, street performers, dirt bikes, cyclists swerving close to pedestrians, and people remaining in the square after 11:30pm. In addition, other resources were deployed in Fells Point during the weekend of July 12-13, including K-9 units, auxiliary police, Foxtrot (helicopter), District Action Teams, Department of Transportation road closures, and Neighborhood Collaboration Officers.

Q&A with Chris Broughton on String Lights for your block:

  • Chris is an active neighbor on the Safety Committee for the Canton Community Association started an initiative called “Get Lit!” to support with neighborhood safety and beautification.

  • According to a CCA neighborhood survey from 2019, only ~40% of homes have a front porch light. String lights can help with increasing visibility and making blocks more safe.

  • Before contacting Chris, you need permission from homeowners on your block to move forward with this project. We recommend knocking on your neighbors’ doors to get buy-in from neighbors and homeowners.

  • You need permission from homeowners to drill holes into brick mortar or formstone.

  • Each block has the option to fundraise on their own or apply for a grant. Costs for installation are about $150 per house.

  • Contact Chris for more information: or (410) 241-4696.


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