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December 2021: Candidates, Elections, and Property Development

Thanks to those who tuned in on December 13 for the final community meeting of 2021! We wish you a merry holiday season and a Happy New Year : ) We heard from:

  • Mark Edelson, Candidate for Delegate, District 46

  • Andrew Crummey, Developer, 101 N Patterson Park Ave (formerly Grace’s Acre)

And we have lots of community announcements! Read on to learn more.


  • Seeking AmeriCorps Tutors: The Literacy Lab is hiring AmeriCorps tutors to serve full-time as Pre-K or K-3 tutors for 8 hours per day, M-F. For more information, visit Contact:

  • PPNA Hyperlocal Gift Guide: Shop local! Click here to view goods and services produced by our neighbors right here in Southeast Baltimore. Contact:

  • PPNA Postcard Drop: We are going to drop postcards to every home in our neighborhood! We want to make sure that all 4,000+ residents of homes in our neighborhood are aware of PPNA and aware of opportunities to get involved with the neighborhood. Volunteer to help with neighborhood-wide postcard drop in early-January: click here to sign up. Contact:

  • Matt Achhammer is the Community Liaison for the Baltimore City Liquor Board. View the November Community Connection Newsletter. Contact Matt: or 410-241-6525.

  • Larry Nunley is the Community Liaison for the Department of Public Works (DPW). Your new 65-gallon recycling cart is intended only for single-stream recycling, not trash. You may request a smaller recycling bin through 311 or by contacting Larry directly, however, there is a delay on getting the smaller bins distributed. Contact Larry with any questions or concerns related to DPW: or 443-615-2626.


Andrew Crummey, Developer, 101 N Patterson Park Ave (formerly Grace’s Acre)

  • Andrew is the owner of Charm’d Kitchen in Butchers Hill, and is excited about the purchase of the property at 101 N Patterson Park Ave. The space is 2x the size of Charm’d Kitchen (123 S Chester St), and the large basement will be a new bar/restaurant.

  • Right now, we have a schematic design of the property, but we will need support from the neighbors to move forward with the zoning. At present, our zoning hearing is scheduled for January 4, 2022. We hope to start construction in mid-2022, and the best-case scenario would be to open the doors in early-2023. This is a tentative timeline!

  • In the schematic design, we propose adding a third floor, and creating new egress access points where there is currently a loading dock. We will eliminate the step-up from the main entrance, level out the first floor, and the existing loading dock becomes an access door for deliveries.

  • The bar/restaurant will be similar to Charm’d Kitchen. There will be counter food service, a retail section, enough seating for folks to stay as if in an internet cafe, and a small private event space in the basement. We anticipate 50-75 seats on the main floor, and we will seek a liquor license for the basement bar.

  • We propose five two-bedroom apartments: an ADA-accessible apartment on the first floor, two apartments on the second floor, and two apartments on the third floor.

  • We are under contract to purchase 103 N Patterson Park Ave, which will help with the layout for the alley space. There is one parking space at 103 N Patterson Park Ave, and we will use this to rearrange the trash area, improving the streetscape along Fairmount Ave and Patterson Park Ave.

  • The Grace’s Acre property has been sitting vacant since prior to 2016. There is a lot of renovation work needed to make the property safe for a business and tenants. This proposal involves essentially a complete rebuild.

  • Andrew is open to taking further questions, giving tours, and hearing your input. Contact Andrew:

Mark Edelson, Candidate for Delegate, District 46

  • Mark is the President of the Canton Community Association and a lawyer by training.

  • Mark is running to represent Baltimore City in the House of Delegates in the 46th District.

  • Mark is running for this position because he believes in public service, and he believes in Baltimore. Mark knows that Baltimore’s best days are yet to come.

  • Mark is interested in building a connected, equitable, sustainable, and safe district. Mark understands the concerns of community members regarding safety in Baltimore City, and transportation.

  • For safety: Our public safety challenges are deeply rooted, and complex. We have to hold our police department transparent and accountable, and make sure that the BPD has the resources it needs to serve our community members. We also need to invest in programs that break the school-to-prison pipeline, afterschool programs, support for youth, and infrastructure for the homeless.

  • For transportation: We need a fully connected transportation system throughout our district. Many Baltimore City residents cannot afford a vehicle. Public transportation will help our district be healthier and more sustainable.

  • For sustainability: We will work to ensure that our children have a healthier environment and more vibrant economy than what we have today. We will do this by moving towards zero-waste and investing in workforce development.

  • For equity: Mark is committed to making sure that every child in our district has access to a world-class education, carrying on the vision that Mark’s parents had when they moved their family from South Africa to the US in 1999.

  • For more information:

  • Contact Mark: or


Save the date! You must be present to vote: PPNA Community Meeting on January 10, 2022 at 7:00pm (virtual)

Key rules:

  1. Candidates can only run for one position. If you’re not elected, the Board may consider your candidacy for any remaining vacant positions.

  2. Neighbors who are residents or property owners within PPNA must be present to vote at January PPNA Community Meeting: January 10, 2022 at 7:00pm (virtual).

  3. There is no financial obligation to vote or run. PPNA members who are residents or property owners are encouraged to make a donation (give-what-you-can).

  4. Interested in running? Nominate yourself or others with an email to


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