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December 2020: Vaccine distribution and supporting local businesses

Hey neighbors! Thanks for tuning in on December 14, 2020. It was a cold/rainy day, with snow in the forecast, which usually deters people from walking to the Church for in-person meetings. But it was great to have you tuning in virtually! Read on for community announcements, PPNA Board Elections, vaccine distribution in Baltimore, and supporting local businesses. Full recording is available below.


  • PPNA Board Elections: Board Elections will be held at the January Community Meeting (January 14, 2021). To vote, you need to be a member in good standing. Click here to pay/renew your membership dues.

  • Interested in running for a Board position? Contact to express interest. Seeking candidates for PPNA Treasurer, as well as PPNA Sector Vice Presidents. Click here to view the PPNA Bylaws from 2017 for an overview of Board Positions. We’ll follow up with you to discuss What to Expect from the PPNA Board in 2021, and covid-related changes.

  • Emily Augustine, Founding Principal at Clay Hill Public Charter School: Enrollment applications are now open for the Clay Hill Public Charter School; click here to get started with your online application. CHPCS will open in Fall 2021 for K-2 students. The school will grow over time to serve students in K-8. This is a partner school to Patterson Park Public Charter School (PPPCS). CHPCS will be located in the Bayview neighborhood, at 6400 E. Pratt Street. Contact Emily for more information:

  • Matt Achhammer, Community Liaison for the Liquor Board: Continue to submit Liquor Board complaints through 311 (online and using the app are recommended). Click here for November’s Community Connection Newsletter. Click here for a press release on liquor license renewal and fee waivers. Contact Matt: or 410-241-6525.

  • Food distribution at William Paca Elementary School: Seeking volunteers to support with ongoing food distribution at William Paca Elementary School: Wednesdays starting at 11:00a. Dress warmly; we cannot use the school building due to covid-restrictions. Contact Cheryl for more information:


Mark Parker, Pastor at Breath of God Lutheran Church (141 S. Clinton Street)

  • Food distribution efforts have been going on at Breath of God Lutheran Church since March 2020. The church is working with a lot of children and families from the school community at Highlandtown 215. With grants and donations from neighbors, we’ve spent about $130,000 on feeding people, servicing about 275 families per week. 150+ volunteers from the neighborhood have been actively involved with processing donations, doing food deliveries, and responding to families’ needs.

  • Baltimore City produce boxes will continue through March 2021. Seeking volunteers with reliable transportation to support with delivery for produce boxes.

  • Click here to contribute financially to the food distribution efforts.

  • There was a fire on South Clinton Street on November 22, 2020 that impacted four properties, including the church. Click here to contribute financial assistance for those impacted by the fire.

  • Contact Mark:


Dr. David Bishai, on vaccine distribution in Baltimore

  • Flu Campaign in Baltimore: As of December 14, 2020, 19.1% of people have received their flu vaccine. In our zipcode (21224), 30% of people have received their flu vaccine.

  • The Pfizer COVID vaccine was approved for Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA and is now in Maryland for ages 16+. It requires two doses of the same vaccine 21 days apart. The Moderna COVID vaccine will likely be approved soon.

  • Q: Is the Pfizer vaccine effective in someone like me? A: There is a 90+% efficacy rate for every age/racial group studied. The study included adults ages 16+, not pregnant.

  • Pfizer enrolled 43,548 people ages 16+ in clinical trials. Side effects included pain at the injection site, fever, fatigue, and chills.

  • Moderna enrolled over 30,000 people in clinical trials. The peer reviewed journal article is forthcoming.

  • Q: Any severe adverse events? A: There is no evidence of severe adverse reactions or deaths. Independent groups (not the drug companies) monitor the safety of everyone in the trials, and everyone in the public who receives the vaccine.

  • Q: Are COVID vaccines safe for children? A: We don’t know. So far, nobody has studied the vaccine in children. Future trials will include children, pregnant people, and immunocompromised people.

  • Q: Will I need to be vaccinated every year? A: We don’t know. We are still investigating how long the antibodies last.

  • Q: Do I need to keep wearing a mask after I’ve been vaccinated? A: Yes. The vaccine protects the person who got the vaccine, but the trial did not study whether or not you may be a carrier of the virus.

  • Contact Dr. Bishai:

  • More information about the COVID vaccine in Maryland, from the Baltimore Sun on December 14, 2020: “What to know about Maryland’s plans to distribute the coronavirus vaccine, set to arrive this week

Max Reim, Owner at Pie Time

  • Pie Time opened in our neighborhood on October 7, 2020. Location is 3101 E. Baltimore Street (corner of Ellwood Ave. and Baltimore St.). Hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:00a-3:00p. Looking to expand to Saturdays in January 2021.

  • Pie Time started as a farmer’s market business selling coffee and pies in 2015. Now, we’ve grown, and this is our first brick-and-mortar store!

  • Right now, we’re carry-out only, but down the line (post-pandemic), we will be a sweet and savory coffee shop!

  • Learn more about Pie Time:

  • Contact Max:

Megan Doyle Sappington, PPNA Economic Development Committee Chair

  • Introducing the 2020 Hyperlocal Holiday Gift Guide! Click here to view/download the .pdf.

  • Please share widely! Available digitally. All of the websites and social media handles are hyperlinked.

  • If you have a product or service, we can still update the guide and include you!

  • Contact Megan:


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