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Community Meeting, September Minutes

Hey Neighbors, Here's what you missed, from our September 9 meeting! 



Rianna Eckel, Food and Water Watch 

  • The Water Accountability & Equity Act is a piece of legislation the Baltimore Right to Water Coalition is pushing to pass through the City Council. The legislation would do two things: 

  • 1. Create a Water For All affordability program to ensure that low income families can afford their water bills. 

  • 2. Create an office of the Water Customer Advocate to handle water billing disputes in a timely, accountable way. Contact Rianna to show your support: (410) 394-7652 or

Scott Davis, Office of City Council President Brandon M. Scott

  • The upcoming Legislative and Policy proposal includes: 

  • Cleaning up City Government

  • Safer, Stronger Communities

  • Investing in Youth

  • Investing in Our Future

  • Bringing an Equity Framework to Governance

  • The complete policy proposal is available here.

  • Provide your feedback on the policy proposal with an email to

  • Contact Scott with your questions or concerns:

Jennifer Robinson, Friends of Patterson Park

  • Contact Jennifer at

  • All Friends events are FREE and open to the public. 

  • A revised Master Plan for Patterson Park has been in place since 2016.

  • The current Capital Campaign for Friends will support the development of a new visitor's center and event space, expanded office space, and rennovation of the Marble Fountain. 

  • Donate here.


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