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Community Meeting, June Minutes

Hey Neighbors,  Read on to get the updates on Team 46, the Shapiro Development project, and Thiru Vignarajah's run for Baltimore Mayor in 2020. We had a great meeting on June 10--thanks to all who came out to contribute, and please keep in touch as you think of further questions/concerns. 


  • Larry Nunley is the DPW liaison for the southeast district. DPW is hosting community meetings for input on rethinking our waste management future. Contact Larry to get involved at

  • The Baltimore Police Monitoring Team is creating space for community engagement. Click here for more information, and upcoming dates. 

  • Follow PPNA on Instagram. Tag us in photos, and email photos to

  • From Greening Committee: Remember to water your trees, every few days! About five gallons of water for each of the new trees on your block.

  • From Transportation Committee: Working on traffic calming measures on the south side of Fayette. Contact to get involved. 


Team 46: Senator Bill Ferguson, Delegate Luke Clippinger, Delegate Brooke Lierman, Delegate Robbyn Lewis

  • We are the only district in the state that have both a senator (Bill) and a delegate (Brooke) on the budget committee. Public safety, violence prevention, etc. are forthcoming budgetary initiatives. 

  • Maryland is engaged with the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, prioritizing equity efforts for public schools. Baltimore schools will be beneficiaries of these efforts. 

  • Luke is the chair of the judiciary committee. Working on making background checks mandatory for the suppliers of guns. Working on implementing a juvenile justice council. 

  • Robbyn is on the health and government operations committee. Working on accountability measures for prescription drug affordability. 

  • MDOT is working on a new transit plan. 

  • Maryland was the first state to pass a Styrofoam ban. 

Shapiro Development: Mark Shapiro, Developer, and Michael Burton, Architect

  • Working on the redevelopment project for Emmanuel Lutheran Church, located at 3127 E. Baltimore Street, aka, 'The Hamlet'

  • Focusing on rehabbing and preserving historic spaces; bringing life back to old buildings

  • Aiming to bring a mixed-use space with residence space, street-front retail, co-working space, and live-work space

  • Timeline: decisions forthcoming from the state in October/November for zoning and funding, federal decision in February, hopefully break ground in March, about a year for construction, eta about 1 year

  • Bringing local jobs to the area: Staff a café, building maintenance, small business owners, serve as a cornerstone in the neighborhood

Thiru Vignarajah, 2020 Baltimore Mayoral Candidate

  • Prioritizing investments in public service and public safety such as: create transparency in policing, focus on high-violence areas, use targeted law enforcement to prosecute crimes

  • Prioritizing investments in education such as: universal PK for 3 y/os and 4 y/os, community schools, university screening for lead exposure, mental health interventions, ocular and hearing, etc., free university education for graduates of Baltimore City high schools

  • Prioritizing investments in economic development such as: cybersecurity, biotechnology, small businesses, arts/film/music, cannabis, culinary arts, cancer research

  • Capitalize on the existing tools and resources in the Baltimore community


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