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Community Meeting, July Minutes

Hey Neighbors, We had a great meeting on July 8; mark your calendars for Baltimore Homecoming and get involved with the traffic calming efforts in our neighborhood by contacting


  • Welcome, Daniel Millay, to the PPNA Board as Treasurer! We are so excited to have you in this role. Contact Daniel at

  • Community All Star: Tanisha Washington! Tanisha has been incredible with supporting greening efforts in our neighborhood, and she's hosting Feel the Flow: A Community Storytelling Event on August 6. See you there! 

  • East Sector Dumpster Day on July 6 was a success; the dumpster filled up in record time, and we even had a dumpster overflow. Watch out! DOT was able to clear the items, but please be respectful of the dumpster and the curb going forward, and don't leave the dumpster overflowing next time. 

  • Friends of Library Square (FOLS) has Volunteer Day  coming up on July 27 at 9:00a, 100 and 200 blocks of N Streeper. 

  • Home & Garden Tour: Sunday September 29 from 11a-4p. Contact Kim Wiggins to get involved, put your home or garden on the tour, or volunteer at the event, Neighbor Megan Doyle provides home organizing services through her business, Bmore Minimal—discounted rates for those whose homes will be on the tour! Contact Megan at

  • PPNA is going through a major Communications and marketing overhaul; big shoutout to Neighbor Taylor Powell for coordinating this. Looking for web content, neighborhood photos, how-tos, community highlights, social media presence, etc. Ideas? Contact

  • Economic Development Committee is working on a Hyper-Local Gift-Giving Guide in advance of the holiday season. Do you know of a small business? Local hobby? Services with gift cards? Contact with your suggestions. 


Chris Hallager, Baltimore Homecoming

  • Baltimore Homecoming is a non-profit aiming to build the accomplished network of Baltimore alumni to drive reinvestment back into the city. 

  • Nominations were submitted for Baltimore Homecoming Hero awards, and the next step is the community voting process. Vote for a Homecoming Hero by casting your vote through Baltimore Sun! 

  • Contact Chris at

Matt Achhammer, Baltimore City Liquor Board Community Liaison

  • The Baltimore City Liquor Board handles licensing and regulation of sale of liquor and adult entertainment establishments. 

  • Liquor board hearings are available online and on charm city TV. 

  • The community can be involved by coming before the Board to advocate for or against a new liquor license or a transfer of a liquor license. 

  • If there is an issue, there will be an MOU; it will go to a public hearing, and it will be attached to the license, then enforced by the Board. 

Jamie Richardson, Maryland Department of Transportation/Maryland Transit Authority (MDOT, MTA)

  • MTA is focused on a Transit Priority Initiative: there is a map of where MTA wants to focus, using a data driven approach to identify trouble spots for the buses, such as Belair Road and Gay Street. 

  • Working alongside PPNA Transportation Committee, regarding the Fayette Street Corridor.

  • MTA and Baltimore City are working together around prioritizing and improving the the bus system; looking at different toolkit items to help prioritize the use of the bus, aiming to improve the transit experience for everyone.

  • There is an ongoing Enforcement Study, mandated by the Maryland legislature, that involves collaboration between BPD, MTA, DOT, and Baltimore City. Stay tuned. 

  • 410-539-5000 is the MTA phone number. Submit a 311 request if you see any issues. 

Chris Carson and Collin Hayward, PPNA Transportation Committee

  • Seeking neighbor input around traffic calming initiatives for the Fayette Street corridor and the perimeter of the park on Linwood Avenue

  • Neighbor Chris Carson, alongside Transportation Committee Chair Collin Hayward, raised this to Friends of Patterson Park, Highlandtown Community Association, PPNA, and DOT. This is a collaborative effort, and we want your input! What are your thoughts? What are your concerns? What is your experience with pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, vehicle safety on Linwood Ave?

  • Did you know that the speed limit on Linwood Avenue is 25 mph?!

  • Q: What's the difference between a Speed Hump and a Speed Table?  A: A Speed Table is an ELEVATED CROSSWALK for pedestrians, proposed for three locations across Linwood Ave: At Lombard St., Pratt Street, and Dog Park entrance. (Speed Humps are already installed on Ellwood Avenue!)

  • Speed tables slow vehicles down by an average of 9.1 mph. Speed tables reduce traffic accidents by 38%.

BIG THANKS to our Food Sponsor, Pie Time

  • Pie Time is moving in! The cafe is set to open later this year at 3101 E. Baltimore Street. 

  • Contact Neighbor and Pie Time Owner Max Reim at 443-668-3222, or


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