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Community Meeting, April Minutes

Hey Neighbors,  Great seeing you on April 15. We had some awesome discussions with community leaders Jabari Lyles and Scott Brillman. Jabari is the LGBTQ Affairs Liaison for the Mayor's Office, and Scott is the Acting Director of 911 for Baltimore City. For those of you who could not attend, read on to see what else you missed, although, the deliciousness of the tamales and pupusas from Moriah Restaurant cannot be accurately captured in these meeting minutes. Guess you'll just have to check out Moriah Restaurant & Grocery (3100 E Baltimore St.) sometime in person ;) 


  • Open Forum: Thank you to everybody who contributed your thoughts and feedback at the March Open Forum. The Board and Committee Chairs met in March to set goals for the upcoming year, and your feedback was critical in helping evaluate how we can be more effective.

  • Beautification Committee: South Sector Community Dumpster scheduled for May 5 near Lombard and Robinson

  • Social Committee: Fundraising Dinner at On the Boarder coming up on April 17 from 11:00a-10:00p. Mention PPNA to receive 20% donation of your bill to support PPNA.

Community All-Star

  • Kelli Poole! Thanks for your kindness and fundraising efforts to support a neighbor who had cash stolen from his home while doing a good deed.


Jabari Lyles, LGBTQ Affairs Liaison, Mayor's office

  • Contact Jabari:

  • Advise the Mayor and city government on the needs of the LGBTQ community in Baltimore

  • Continue promoting spaces of learning and unity throughout the city. We love when community members will be advocates. We continue having presence in areas that are not traditionally queer spaces.

  • Looking to build out a housing structure to support LGBTQ youth in Baltimore experiencing homelessness

Scott Brillman, Acting Director of 911 for Baltimore City

  • Contact Scott:

  • BCFD has been making great strides on the infrastructure used for supporting the 911-system in Baltimore City. 

  • 911 Operators in Baltimore City take 4,000 calls per day, everything from car accidents, administering CPR, delivering babies, experiencing seizures, handling suicidal crises, etc. They can talk you through any emergency! They are nationally certified through a rigorous training process.

  • If you get a recording when you dial 911, DO NOT HANG UP! That's likely due to a call spike, such as when there are multiple witnesses to an accident who call at the same time. Do not hang up or else you will lose your place in the call queue! 


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