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Block lights, 100 block N Belnord


Congratulations to Emily Hamsher Kindred for lighting up the 100 block of N Belnord!

PPNA sends big thanks and congratulations to Emily and her neighbor, Ashley, for organizing block lights for the 100 block of N Belnord in October 2021. Emily and her husband have been homeowners in PPNA since 2015, and the string lights project was a long time coming! Emily and Ashley connected with Chris Broughton, a neighbor in Canton, to support the project. Chris provided a materials list and estimated timeline. Emily and Ashley applied for and were awarded a grant from the Baltimore Community Foundation to light up their block. Thanks, Emily and Ashley, for your efforts on lighting up your block!


  • Q: How do I get started? A: Chris Broughton shared about the process for lighting up your block during the PPNA Community Meeting in June 2021. You need buy-in from about ~80% of homeowners on your block. Blocks typically organize themselves through social media or door-knocking. One neighbor should be the "project chair" and you might want a "project co-chair" from your block to help.

  • Q: How much does it cost? A: Costs for installation are about $150 per household. Some blocks self-fundraise this, and some blocks apply for neighborhood grants or beautification grants. Click here for a list of recommended funders.

  • Q: How will PPNA support my project? A: If you're applying for a grant, most grants require that a 501c(3) organization serve as a fiscal sponsor. Contact the PPNA VP for your Sector to learn more about PPNA fiscal sponsorship.

  • Contact Emily ( or Chris ( to learn more about the process for string lights on your block.


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