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Sustainability Committee: Neighborhood Recycling and Community Composting

Thanks to those neighbors who attended the first meeting of the Sustainability Committee at the end of October 2020. Stay tuned for ongoing efforts in neighborhood recycling and community composting.

The next meeting of the PPNA Sustainability Committee will be Wednesday, November 18 at 7:00p on Zoom. Click here to join!

Want to get involved? Contact Allison Blood:


  • We Can B*More is continuing to offer recycling dumpsters in our area on a weekly basis. PPNA is working with DOT to get a recurring parking permit for locating the dumpster at Fairmount and Potomac. Next Recycling Dumpster will be Saturday, November 7 at 8:00am; available until 1:00pm or until full; first-come, first-served. A recycling dumpster will be available in this location every Saturday morning until DPW resumes curbside recycling pick up or until otherwise noted.

  • The Recycling Dumpsters are NOT associated with DPW. Please be prepared to sort through your recycling to make sure there are no unaccepted items in your recycling. 

  • Any food-contaminated containers cannot be recycled. This includes  ANY take-out containers and pizza boxes as well as containers that have not been cleaned. Clear flimsy plastic clamshell containers are also not accepted.


  • Unfortunately the composting pilot with Baltimore Compost Collective is not moving forward.

  • We are investigating other affordable options for community composting.

  • We are seeking quotes from composting partners, and working on a grant to fund this initiative in our neighborhood.

  • We need to consider: where will compost bins be placed, in our neighborhood? How can it be accessible to all? How will we sustain funding for community composting, long-term? How will we educate our neighbors about composting?

  • Please get in touch with additional thoughts and suggestions or join our next Sustainability Committee meeting to get involved:

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