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PPNA Pop-Up Pantries

PPNA is pleased to announce two new Pop-Up Pantries in Patterson Park! These Pop-Up food bins are a way to help care for our neighbors experiencing food insecurity during the COVID crisis. It was truly a team effort to make arrangements for the bins and canned food, and we are so grateful! It is our hope that these will be a springboard for a more permanent shared-economy food installation, down the line.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the Pop-Up Pantries:

  1. GIVE THE CANS YOU CAN; TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED. We recognize that families in our area are struggling to access food during this time, and we don't want this food to go to waste. Please donate canned goods only, to deter unwelcome animal friends from coming to our bins.

  2. PRACTICE GOOD HEALTH HYGIENE. We recognize that this is a unique and public way to care for our neighbors during a global pandemic. Please wash or sanitize your hands and your items before and after using the food bins.

  3. TAKE CARE OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD FOOD PANTRY. We recognize that there are a lot of risks to plastic bins that are outdoors. These food bins are shared and owned all of us in the neighborhood. Please help by keeping the lids on the bins, and contacting PPNA if you have any concerns about the maintenance of the bins (

  4. SPREAD THE WORD (not the coronavirus). The food bins are at two locations, near the Park's Little Free Libraries: (1) at the corner of Baltimore St. and Linwood Ave, across from Patterson Public House, and (2) at the intersection of Lombard St. and Patterson Park Ave., in front of the Friends of Patterson Park White House. Please tell your neighbors about the bins who may be unable to leave their homes during this time or who may not be connected through the web/social media. Consider how you can spread the word and support our neighbors who may need help accessing the food bins.

THANK YOU for continuing to support one another during this challenging time. LET US KNOW how PPNA can continue supporting you. Contact:


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