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March 2023 Community Meeting: Transit and Equity

It was a very packed meeting, so let's just get to it!

Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition

We heard from Zaneta White of the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition. Among many other things, BTEC is pushing for the creation of a Baltimore Regional Transit Authority. Many people don't know this, but Baltimore does not control its own transit system. Instead, buses and trains in Baltimore are run by the Maryland Transit Authority. The creation of a regional transit authority would put Baltimore on par with other cities like Washington DC, Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. It would also mean that projects like the Red Line cannot be so easily cancelled at the stroke of a governor's pen.

To create this regional authority, BTEC is seeking an amendment to the Baltimore City charter at the next election. To do that, they must gather 10,000 signatures. These must be "live" signatures with ink on physical paper. You can learn more here.

Baltimore's Sister City

We also heard from Danielle Nekimken of the Baltimore Sister Cities organization. Baltimore Sister Cities, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization that aims to promote mutual economic development, educational, cultural, health/environmental and other cooperation and exchanges between Baltimore City and its international Sister Cities. Baltimore has nine sister cities all over the world.

One of our sister cities is Odesa, Ukraine. It's fitting because both are port cities. As part of their international outreach, the city of Odesa is gifting a statue to Baltimore (pictured to the right). Baltimore Sister Cities was at our meeting to gather feedback on where would be a good place to put the statue. They are raising funds for the physical installation of the statue. They just want to hear from us where we would like to see it. To voice your opinion, send an email to

Patterson Park Neighbors Home Tour

After taking a hiatus during the pandemic, our home tour is back! This is a great way to show off our neighborhood and also a big fundraiser for PPNA's activities. There are many ways for you to get involved, so check out the home tour page to find out more.

Happenings in the Park

It's almost spring at that means events are happening at the park again. We heard from Shara Boonshaft of the Friends of Patterson Park on all the upcoming events and plans for the Park (one thing we're very excited about: they're renovating that water fountain at the west end of the Park).

We put all neighborhood and local events on our calendar, so keep it handy. Next up is a kite festival this Saturday, March 23.

Watch the recording of the full meeting below:


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