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Housing-related hardship during COVID

The PPNA Housing Committee is looking for ways to assist those facing housing hardships given the COVID-19 pandemic, and related health and economic crises. As certain relief measures have been taken in the last couple months, it's expected that these measures will evolve, and hardships may potentially worsen.

PPNA is currently seeking information from neighbors who might know of or are experiencing housing-related hardship, in an effort to connect those in need with resources or organizational support. If interested, please take a moment to fill out this google doc to assist in this info-gathering effort.

We understand that such information can be personal, and we can ensure that any information you provide will be kept confidential unless otherwise discussed in advance.

We would like to understand:

  • What issues surrounding housing are seeing in your community in these recent weeks and months?

  • What difficulties are landlords and tenants facing during these difficult economic times?

  • What level of involvement can you contribute to the PPNA Housing Committee for housing-related hardship? Examples include community outreach, coordination with city officials, messaging and advocacy, etc.

There are a few ways we're looking to help as a community organization. A lot of these efforts will be working with other local groups who are already doing great and focused work, and connecting neighbors who need resources / support with what's available:

  • Ongoing communication and coordination with DHCD to support local efforts for housing assistance and support

  • Adding organizational support to advocacy groups pushing for statewide rental / mortgage assistance programs

  • Working with local orgs such as CASA and SECDC to support / assist in their housing-related efforts

  • Grassroots organization to connect with neighbors and hear stories to assist in advocacy efforts, and connect those in need with resources as they become available

  • Identifying and working with local landlords

Any help is greatly appreciated to support these efforts. We understanding our capacity is somewhat limited, though we can serve an important purpose in identifying our community's needs and working with local groups to see that those needs are addressed. Thank you!

For additional questions/concerns, contact Pat Lundberg,


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