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Breath of God Lutheran Church

Thank you to Mark Parker, Pastor at Breath of God Lutheran Church (141 S. Clinton Street), for your continued efforts to support our community with food distribution and recovery from the recent fire. You are an asset to our neighborhood, and a true Community All Star.

Food distribution: Food distribution efforts have been going on at Breath of God Lutheran Church since March 2020. The church is working with a lot of children and families from the school community at Highlandtown 215. With grants and donations from neighbors, we’ve spent about $130,000 on feeding people, servicing about 275 families per week. 150+ volunteers from the neighborhood have been actively involved with processing donations, doing food deliveries, and responding to families’ needs.

Thanks to the generosity of local corporations, foundations, the City of Baltimore, and local businesses like H&S Bakery and the Markets at Highlandtown, Breath of God Lutheran Church will continue our community feeding efforts into March 2021.

Hopefully by then we will be in a better place in terms of the economy and the pandemic. For now, though, that means that Breath of God Lutheran Church needs more volunteers. This effort supports around 275 families each week. There are volunteer opportunities on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

On Thursdays, we distribute produce, groceries, and prepared meals for adults and children at 11:00am to families who come past the church building to pick it up. On Saturdays, we deliver produce and groceries to 100 families in the area. That part of the program will begin again on January 16th.

  • Click here to fill out the volunteer intake form.

  • Click here for the shift sign-up sheet.

  • Click here to contribute financially to the food distribution efforts.

Recovery from fire: There was a fire on South Clinton Street on November 22, 2020 that impacted four properties, including the church.

  • Click here to contribute financial assistance for those impacted by the fire.

  • A full update on the impact of the fire and the recovery efforts was posted on Facebook.

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