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We're here for you

Dear Neighbors,

What a stressful time. The world is in a state of ambiguity from COVID-19, and we do not know how long this pandemic will last. We are all adjusting to a new normal, as COVID-19 has unexpectedly shifted every aspect of our lives: socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. None of us is untouched by the effects of this public health crisis.

While our schools, gyms, restaurants, workplaces, theaters, places of worship, sports, businesses, vacations, and community meetings are closed for the foreseeable future (including the April 13 PPNA Meeting), we can’t cancel COMMUNITY. It is embedded in our NEIGHBORHOODS, our HOMES, and our PEOPLE. Community is a state of mind, a shared condition, and a sense of unity. We are certainly united in the inconveniences and anxieties caused by COVID-19, and will certainly persevere together through this uncertain period.

As neighbors, we are here for you. We can be here for each other in the safest and most supportive ways possible, while still following social distancing recommendations and mandates from government officials. Below is a list of cancellations that will continue to impact our calendars and our wallets, but also, referrals to ongoing updates and community-wide announcements. (Note: Everything listed here is subject to change. The status of the COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly evolving.)

If you’re willing and able to support neighbors with unique needs in our area during this time, please sign up here to volunteer.

Let’s stay in touch. Now more than ever, we need our community, and we are here for you.

Sending healthy wishes and virtual elbow bumps,

Dave, Taylor, Daniel, Ernest, Mairin, Garrett, Cheryl, Danielle

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