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Call for nominations: PPNA Board Elections 2022

December 16, 2021

PPNA Board Elections are right around the corner! PPNA will have several board positions open this year, including President, Secretary, and Sector Vice President roles throughout the neighborhood. Do you have interest in being more involved in the direction of the organization/neighborhood? Do you love connecting with your neighbors, solving problems together, and leading neighborhood initiatives? PPNA would love to speak with you about what to expect, and how to get your name on the ballot! Reach out at to express your interest, or to connect with current Board members.


Q: What are the expectations of Board Members?

A: Board members are expected to be actively engaged residents within the community who support the efforts of PPNA Committees, neighbors, and projects. Board members are expected to uphold the values of the PPNA Anti-Racism Statement. Board members are expected to adhere to the PPNA Bylaws.

Q: What is it like to be on the Board?

A: From the perspectives of current and outgoing Board members, being a Board member at PPNA is exciting, collaborative, and humbling.

  • Some rewarding aspects of being a Board member are serving as a connector between neighbors and resources (including financial resources or political and social will), learning from and engaging with neighbors in the Patterson Park Neighborhood and throughout Baltimore City, and accomplishing projects that have a large-scale impact on our community.

  • Some challenging aspects of being a Board member are trusting the knowledge base and problem-solving strategies of others, corralling multiple stakeholders involved with organizing projects, and inspiring others to leverage their potential to the fullest extent in our community.

  • For a Q&A with outgoing Board members, view the PPNA Community Meeting from November 2021.

Q: Other than the Board, how can I get more involved with PPNA?

A: Outside of Board members, PPNA Committee members and neighbors take initiative, rally support, and spearhead projects that benefit the Patterson Park Neighborhood on a large scale.

  • We need neighbors who are passionate about a cause and willing to dedicate their time towards organizing a project. If you have an idea, PPNA can make it happen!

  • What kinds of projects? Neighbors lead projects that benefit everyone in our blocks and our neighborhood. Examples of projects by PPNA neighbors are bringing composting solutions to our area, installing the Little Free Pantry in Patterson Park, and organizing string lights on different blocks.

  • What if I need funding? PPNA has a process to support neighbors that would like to apply for project funding. Click here to learn more.


Q: Who can run for a Board position?

A: Anyone who is a resident of the Patterson Park Neighborhood can run for any position on the Board, regardless of whether there is a vacancy for the position. Candidates can only run for one position. If you’re not elected, the Board may consider your candidacy for any remaining vacant positions.

  • Roles and responsibilities: More information about the full responsibilities of PPNA Board Members is available in the PPNA Bylaws.

Q: How do I run for a Board position?

A: Neighbors can nominate themselves or someone else to serve on the PPNA Board. From there, a current PPNA Board Member will follow up with the candidate to confirm that they are running in the PPNA Board Election.

  • PPNA Board Election: The PPNA Board Election will be held at the PPNA Community Meeting on Monday, January 10, 2022. Send an email to to start the conversation and nominate yourself or a neighbor.

Q: What should a candidate do to prepare for the election?

A: Candidates who confirm that they are running the PPNA Board Election should prepare a four-minute speech about your background and interests. Candidates will present publicly in the PPNA Board Election at the PPNA Community Meeting on Monday, January 10, 2022. This Community Meeting will be virtually recorded and widely distributed.

  • Background and interests: Consider sharing about your background and connection to the Patterson Park Neighborhood, the skills you bring to the role, and your areas of interest. We are interested in knowing why you want a position with the PPNA Board, what you’re passionate about in our community, and what you hope to accomplish in your role.

  • Examples of speeches: View the PPNA Community Meeting from January 2021 for examples of candidate speeches.


Q: Who can vote in the election?

A: Anyone who is a resident or property owner of the Patterson Park Neighborhood vote in the PPNA Board Election. We no longer require a financial commitment to be a PPNA member. Instead, PPNA is 100% donation-based. Learn more, and make a donation.

Q: How do I vote in the election?

A: Neighbors who are residents or property owners within PPNA must be present to vote at the January PPNA Community Meeting: January 10, 2022 at 7:00pm (virtual).

  • Google Form: We will use a Google Form to collect responses. The link to the Google Form will be distributed at the PPNA Community Meeting on Monday, January 10, 2021, and you must be present to vote.

  • Results: The current PPNA Board will be following up to confirm the status of everyone who votes in the PPNA Board Election, and will reach out if there are any questions or concerns regarding your responses on the Google Form. The results of the PPNA Board Election will be announced after Monday, January 10, 2022.

Q: How can I help with the election process?

A: To support the PPNA Board Election, encourage your friends and neighbors to subscribe to PPNA emails and make a donation to PPNA. Please also share and cross-post about the PPNA Board Election prior to Monday, January 10, 2021.


The current PPNA Board would like to thank outgoing Board Members, Dave Werkmeister (President, 2019-2021), Taylor Binnix (Secretary, 2019-2021), Cheryl Bryant (VP East Sector, 2021) and Gabe Dutton (VP South Sector, 2021), for their commitment to our neighborhood, their dedication to the PPNA Board, and their continued involvement with PPNA.


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