PPNA Housing Committee

The PPNA Housing Committee supports neighbors with code enforcement, blight elimination and addressing vacant properties, neighborhood development and affordable housing, and partnerships and outreach. If you have a question, concern, idea, or connection in these areas, let us know!
Contact the PPNA Housing Committee: housing@pattersonparkneighbors.org

Code Enforcement
  • We can support with getting code-related issues taken care of
    on your block. 

  • PPNA leverages local contacts and experience to see items addressed
    quickly and efficiently. 

  • Maintaining the physical assets in our community is essential,
    and we’re here to help. 

Blight elimination and addressing vacant properties
  • PPNA works hard at eliminating blight in our area, and reducing the number of vacant properties.

  • We work on pushing vacant properties into receivership, and see it through that they're purchased for redevelopment and eventual occupancy. 

  • We maintain a record of vacant properties in the neighborhood.
    If you know of a vacant property nearby, let us know and let’s get it filled!

Neighborhood development and affordable housing
  • Quality affordable housing is essential to preserving our
    community’s unique diversity. 

  • PPNA advocates for the preservation, improvement, and development of affordable housing among our community’s diverse housing options. 

  • We can assist in promoting the development of the community’s physical assets, working with other stakeholders, local non-profits, and development groups.

Partnerships and outreach
  • PPNA has an amazing network of organizations and individuals who assist in achieving our housing goals. 

  • Some of our partnerships include: Southeast CDC, Charm City Land Trust,
    local realtors, developers, and city agencies. 

  • We build relationships with groups and individuals to further our collective community-minded interest. 

Contact us
  • Want to get involved, report an issue, or share a concern?

  • Contact Ali Morris and Amanda Rhodes, PPNA Housing Committee Chair

  • Email:  housing@pattersonparkneighbors.org