Safety Tips


  • General Safety Tips
    • Keep exterior lights on at night in the both front and back—a dark entryway makes it easier for intruders to go undetected.
    • Don’t make yourself an easy target.
      • Keep windows and door secured, including upper-level windows.
      • Evaluate the spaces around your windows to make sure you aren’t providing easy access to higher entry points.
    • Know your neighbors and watch out for people that don’t belong.
    • Don’t walk the streets distracted, talking on the phone, texting or listening to music that doesn’t let you hear what is going on around you.
    • Travel in numbers whenever possible on well-lit routes.
    • Avoid walking through alleys at night.
  • When to Call 911
    • For any suspicious activity on your block and alleyways.
    • For anything that you want an officer response.
    • If you are not comfortable having an officer come to your home and want to know there was a response you can request the officer call you from the car.
    • Keep in mind that 911 calls are prioritized based on priority then order received. If an officer is responding to your call and an incident of higher priority occurs, they may be redirected.
  • If you are a victim of any crime:
    1. File a police report by calling 911
    2. Send the information to
      This is so we can track and follow up with the SEPD for any additional need for further resources.
  • Pick up loose trash in and around your block, if it doesn’t look like we care about our neighborhood, no one else will.
    Being active and engaged in your community is the best deterrent to crime.

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