PPNA Meeting Minutes February 2016

Where’d the time go? Catching up here with the minutes for our February 8th PPNA Meeting – first meeting of the new PPNA Board. Read all about it…did we get schooled once again by the Living Classroom group in the Silver Spatula snack contest? Find out below (hint, yes, they got us again). March meeting minutes will be coming soon!

Monday, February 8th, 2015
St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Basement Multi-Purpose Room

Board & New Neighbor Introductions 
The 2016 Board is introduced for the first time, we all feel very shiny and new. New neighbors are also shiny and new! We wave at them nicely and try not to stare.

President’s Welcome and THE RULES
Have a conversation with one new person every time, no talking about fight club, etc.

Review of January’s Meeting
In short, it was awesome. Sucks if you weren’t there. If you’d like to re-live the glory or get a taste of what you missed, you can read the minutes.

2016 Committees
We’re still looking for chairs, members, volunteers, etc. There are tons of great ways to get involved! Make friends, make enemies, make memories, make some pancakes, make the neighborhood a better place 🙂
Let Pat know if there’s something you’re passionate about!

Community Walk and Meeting
Wed, Feb 24th is the tentative date for the next walk.
Potential safety collaboration with 101 Ellwood
Email the Safety Committee to learn more and get involved!

District 1 Candidates’ Forum
2/18, 90 min, moderated by Brooke Liermann, space is limited to 200 so RSVP!
In St Elizabeth’s basement, co-hosted with PPPCS
You can RSVP here, but remember to register for admission.

2016 PPNA Gala: Masquerade Party
DJ, silent auction, 50/50 raffle, open bar, catering by Water for Chocolate!!
Buy your tickets online now! They’re just $40 until 3/28.
RSVP on Facebook to let all your friends know that you’re cooler than them.

Living Classrooms’ International Women’s Day Celebration
3/5 10-2pm Living Classrooms Building in Patterson Park
Yoga, speakers, self-confidence theme
All are invited! Come hang out and celebrate all the awesomeness of women!

Greening Update
We’re already gearing up for Bloom Your Block! We’re also looking forward to having help from Public Allies on various projects this spring.
Email the Greening Committee if you’d like to help out!

We vote 18:1 in support of the Community Cleanup & Greening Act
PPNA will officially submit a letter stating our neighborhood’s support.

Alcohol & Zoning Laws – Cassie Griessen
10 yrs experience in Alcohol Policy
Member of the Baltimore Good Neighbor Coalition
This coalition has identified an over-concentration of alcohol outlets in Bmore
What is an alcohol outlet? Anything that has a liquor license in the City of Baltimore.
What do you mean we have an over-concentration? We have double the number of alcohol outlets in Baltimore City than the state regulated ratio (1 outlet : 506 residents)
The coalition has determined that the liquor board alone is not enough to keep the public safe from these high-risk businesses.
They think the city can address this issue through new zoning regulations. 
Research shows that having a bunch of alcohol outlets means more violence, more crime, more STI’s, negative impact on children, etc.
Fun Fact: There are more kids in Baltimore who live closer to an alcohol outlet than a grocery store.
Legal precedent: Courts found in 2011 that local zoning laws *can* override state-run liquor board rulings.
The zoning laws they’re proposing have an enforcement component, unlike the liquor board.
How does it work?
Alcohol outlets will pay the City $295 a yr to keep their liquor licence.
This $ will pay for Public Nuisance Prevention and Abatement Officers who will inspect outlets, educate license holders as to issues which could shut them down, and enforce rulings of the zoning dept and advisory board.
Oh yeah, there’s also an advisory board which requires community input. 
This also allows for surveillance of modifications, aka restaurants morphing into night clubs after midnight
Introduces new performance standards (be a good neighbor) and operational standards
How it Works:  Complaint from community lodged with advisory board ->complaint confirmation by community members and Public Nuisance Prevention and Abatement Officer -> hearing with Zoning Administrator -> repercussions, like enhanced fee, pulling of conditional use, etc.
– This is a long-game solution to weed out bad businesses with unsafe practices
– This is essentially another route for the public interest to be represented in enforcement
– This coalition has been growing and putting this together since last April, they’re excited that it will be introduced to the City Council on Feb 22
Check out the Resolutions of Support and sign your own!
PPNA will probably have a position on this, if you have strong feelings about it EMAIL PAT. 

Announcement from Helene Luce
46th Delegation will be at the DuBurns Arena 11am Sat 2/13
They’ll be giving their constituents an Annapolis update
Free and open to the public, they’ll likely have coffee

Announcements from Mark Parker
New Neighbor Visits!
There have been 20 new home sales since Xmas- that’s 20 people we need to welcome! We give them cookies, info, etc.
Send Mark and email if you are willing to help out as a Welcome Committee Member

Wed, 2/10 is Ash Wednesday
6:30-7:30am Breath of God Lutheran is doing a short service, get your ashes if that’s your thing.
6pm Wed, Pancake & Sausage dinner

Neighborhood Voices
Neighborhood Voices is a Coalition which facilitates community conversations around race and racism
Next Event: Thurs 3/3 6-8pm at Creative Alliance
Juan Artiz giving a presentation on the history of race relations in SE Baltimore

Councilman Jim Kraft
Transform Baltimore has new zoning code about alcohol outlets
Trying to phase out problematic liquor outlets around Baltimore within the next years.
Trying to get this signed on April 6, and put into

Silver Spatula
The Silver Spatula award for Exemplary Meeting Snacks goes to the Living Classrooms group AGAIN! Come on, people we’ve really got to step it up.
Next month’s meeting is on 3.14 so we’re obviously having pie! Make anything circular and bring it share to be eligible to win the Silver Spatula trophy.