PPNA Board 2016 Elected – Minutes of January 11 PPNA Meeting

On January 11, Patterson Park Neighborhood Association members elected their 2016 Board. We’re looking forward to a good year working with the (some new, some old) team:

  • President – Pat Lundberg
  • VP East – Yana Cascioffe
  • VP West – Ale Schwartz
  • VP North – Fatima Wilkerson
  • VP South – Dan Danko
  • VP Patterson Place – Tiffany Ernest
  • Secretary – Chelsea Goldsmith
  • Treasurer – Dedrick Siddall

Weren’t able to join us? Keep reading for the meeting minutes. And be there next time, Monday, February 8, 2016, 7 pm, Basement of the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Corner of Lakewood and Baltimore (enter on Lakewood)

Patterson Park Neighborhood Association

Monthly General Meeting
Monday, January 11th, 2015
St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Basement Multi-Purpose Room

Board Introductions 
The 2015 Board is introduced for the last time. Everyone has a good cry, and then moves on because we’re ADULTS and that’s what we DO and we can eat ice cream for dinner if we want! Oh no, here it comes again…
*uncontrolable sobbing*

Community Walk
Get with the picture, y’all! It’s 2016, and C.O.P. walks have been re-branded. The inaugural “Community Walk” will feature celebrity guest Marilyn Mosby. Be there or be not as cool as everyone else who is there. Without you.
Wednesday, January 27th, 7-8 pm
RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends and neighbors! 

Greening Update – Steve Preston!? Whaat?
Curb extensions (bump outs) are planned for Baltimore St & Luzerne, will be going in this spring. They will gather rainwater and also create a safer walkway for pedestrians crossing Baltimore St.

-there’s also a plan to try to make Library square into a real pocket park which will collect rain water, etc.

Announcements from Mark Parker:
New Neighbor Visits

Do you like cookies? Do you like people? Do you like winning the new member contest? Be a new neighbor visitor! It’s very simple- you use a database that they’ve been maintaining and go visit people on the list of new home sales.
Wanna be a superstar neighbor? Email Mark.

Linzy Jackson from DPW on Municipal Trash Cans
443-750-1889 linzy.jackson@baltimorecity.gov
Goals of SRB: make the city cleaner, safer, and greener
Everyone is getting a new trash can! No one will have an excuse any longer for not using a trash can. Not using a can  is bad for your neighborhood and also dangerous for City Sanitation Workers.

IMPORTANT: the cans remain property of Baltimore City. You cannot write your name on it or put stickers on it or spray paint your house number on it or anything.

You can get a 35 gallon trash instead can IF you live in a rowhome that is part of a block-long group that has front collection and no exterior storage space. Call by Feb 19 to be considered.

You will receive a door hanger within 10 days before your trash can is delivered. On your front steps. Merry Christmas.

THE RUMORS ARE TRUE: The cans have a radio frequency chip. They can find them. o.0 And the cans can find you…

Your new can will come with a “Recycling” sticker inside of it which you can use to designate your old trash can a recycling bin. You can also leave your old can out for the garbage guys to pick up.

PRO TIP: write down the identification number on the back of your new City trash can so you know which one is yours if, after trash day, you can’t tell which is which. (DPW is also working on returning cans nicely to each residence)

IDEA: it is possible to use the radio chips in the cans to weigh the trash and promote recycling, less waste, etc. Baltimore City had not been considering this, but will now look into it. Good lookin’ out, Patterson Park!

MYTH: There will be a tax or fine for heavy trash. This is not true.

FACT: You still cannot keep your cans outside 24/7 if you live in a place where you couldn’t before.

Registered rental properties will get more than one can, but only if they’re properly registered with the city. Landlords, please look into this. Renters, get on your landlord if you think you might not get a can for your unit.

With more can distribution will come more housing dept. enforcement (aka tickets for un-canned trash)

Moral of the Story: If you don’t want to use the can you don’t have to. But “if you want to get rid of the can, the can will find its way back to your house”

Michelle Lee
Community Liason for the SE District from the State’s Attorney’s Office

If you have an open case or know someone who has been the victim of a crime, you can write a community impact statement. This really does make a difference in the judge’s ruling in many court cases.

Additionally, if you are interested in appearing in court to make your statement in person, it makes a huge impact.

State’s Attorney’s Office Community Law Forum
Jan 23, Mitchel Court House, 8:30am-noon
Focus: Juveniles (alternatives to incarceration, etc.)

PSA: If you’re the victim of a crime, regardless of citizenship status, please report it. You will not be penalized.

If you have a question about a specific case, feel free to email Michelle and she’ll get you as much info as she can.

2016 PPNA Board Elections

President Election
Pat Lundberg is nominated, accepts nomination
no other nominees

Pat talks about Safety, Economic Development, and Doing What We Do.

VP East
Yana Cascioffe is nominated, accepts
No other nominations

Safety, Clean-Ups, and Community Support are big foci for her.

VP West
Alex Schwartz is nominated, accepts
No other nominations

Alex wants us to get to know our neighbors 🙂 through block parties, clean ups, etc.
++ Economic Development

VP North
Fatima Wilkerson is nominated, accepts in absentia

VP South

Dan Danko is nominated, accepts
No other nominations

Dan is super into Sanitation and wants to help be our liason to MTA for CityLink, etc. (he previously worked on the Red Line, RIP)

VP Patterson Place

Tiffany Ernest is nominated, accepts
No other nominations

Tiffany is super into community. Woohoo!

Dedrick Siddall is nominated, accepts
No other nominations

Dedrick has lived in Patterson Park for 5 years, worked in Finance for 13 years, would like to be the 2016 Treasurer

Leigh’s Goodbye Speech
“It’s been trying, but it was worth it” 🙂
Come to Bloom Your Block! Also, can someone please organize this for Leigh now? She’s busy with….

It’s Members Only, it’s a cocktail party, it’s gonna be totally epic.
Email Framela@gmail.com if you’d like to help plan this shindig!

Everyone turns in their ballots, we anxiously await the results, all nominated parties win!!! Congratulations to all board members, new and old. 

RSVP for February’s Meeting
Next PPNA Meeting:
Monday, February 8, 2016
7 pm, Basement of the St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church
Corner of Lakewood and Baltimore (enter on Lakewood)Questions or Comments?
Email enewsletter@pattersonparkneighbors.org