Parking Etiquette



Our neighborhood continues to increase in popularity, and with this good fortune comes a shortage of available parking, particularly on street cleaning days and during events in the park.

Street cleaning days are posted on red and white signs and on these days neighbors need to be aware that parking is not allowed on some streets or sides of streets between certain hours. Failure to move your car during this time will result in a ticket.

Unlike some other areas in Baltimore, permits are not required to park in Patterson Park neighborhood. This gives us the freedom to invite guests to visit without them having to worry about getting a ticket. However, parking spaces are limited.

Residents need to do their part to alleviate this problem. To the extent possible, we ask that you be mindful of the space you and your guests take up when parallel parking on city streets. For example, vehicles at the end of each block should pull your vehicle all the way up (or back) to the crosswalks or curbs.

In addition, please park close enough to your neighbors’ vehicles when parking on the street to maximize space, while at the same time ensuring that there is adequate space for other cars to maneuver; typically this is about 2 feet between each standard sized car with a little more for a larger vehicle.

Finally, quickly check your spacing after you park and take the time to adjust if necessary. Taking a brief moment to do this will help to save your neighbors, and yourself, future frustrations with parking., a privately run website, has a good write-up on How to Parallel Park and the video below has some great tips on how to properly align yourself.

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