PPNA Meeting Minutes – June 2016

Patterson Park Neighborhood Association

Monthly General Meeting
Monday, June 13th, 2016
St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, Basement Multi-Purpose Room

Board and New Attendee Introductions
ANNOUNCEMENT: Patterson Place VP Tiffany is moving, but we luv her, but we need a new Patterson Place VP! If you or someone you know is interested email us!
Do you know who your board members are? Check it out. 
New people introduce themselves, but only after we threaten them with salad (actually, all of the salad was really good.)Liam Davis – Community Liaison for City Council President Jack Young
It’s budget season! Yay 😀 (ugh)
550 mil to spend.
Fun Fact: Baltimore City has an AA Bond rating, which is pretty good for a major city!
17 bills passed today, several were Bond issues which we’ll be voting on in November
– one is an affordable housing bill- would put more $ in an affordable housing fund
– 34mil for schools, mostly capital improvements (asbestos abatement, ya know, important stuff)
– community economic development loan – for rebuilding roads, alleys, sidewalks, tree pits, cultural institutions, etc.
– Rec n Parks bond, 35mil for capital improvementsLiam also wants to talk trash – there are stickers from DPW that magically make your old trash can into a recycling can. Liam could drop off one for you; email Pat  if you want one.

Water meters- City just had a big capital project completed which focused on replacing water meters. In the fall we’ll be switching from quarterly bills to monthly water bills and will get rid of the minimum charge.

Below is a link to the Port Covington TIF application:
A public hearing for the Port Covington TIF application is scheduled for Wednesday, July 27th at 5pm in the Clarence Du Burns Council Chambers, 4th floor, City Hall.  The public hearings will be televised live on Charm TV channel 25.

Greening Committee
Clean City Guide is getting updated, adapted, and republished by the city for general use! Congrats to our Patterson Park Clean City trailblazers!

Park Entrance Clean Up and Gardening
Every 2nd Tuesday at Baltimore and Linwood
6pm, Steve Preston brings supplies, you bring yourself.

Baltimore & Luzerne Traffic Calming/Safety/Bioretention Bump Out
It is still in the works, construction should start late this summer or in the fall.

Sanitation & Beautification Update:
Thanks for coming out to the clean up! The dumpster filled up before noon and that’s great.

July 9, there will be another dumpster and community clean up at the corner of Boulden and Lombard. Dumpster will be dropped off 9am, we’ll be out cleaning till 12.
Have a question or want to get involved? Email Erica!

Safety Update:
This month’s Community Talk will be on Wednesday the the 22nd, 7pm, NE park entrance
Join us to talk about issues, solutions, and new safety innovations happening in our neighborhood!

2016 PPNA Members-Only Cocktail Party – Leigh Peterson
Light h’ordeuvres, signature cocktail, beer and wine, if you have a supporting membership you’ve got a ticket to this event 🙂 If you’re interested in upgrading, talk to Treasurer Extraordinaire Dedrick
Sep 17, twilight
Leigh needs awesome volunteers to help plan the party! Email her at framela@gmail.com

Home and Garden Tour
Sep 24, 11- 4 pm (last ticket sold at 3pm)
This year is the W and N sector, can be a home, garden, or home and garden
If you live in the N or W sector you can volunteer to have your house on the tour, if you have a neighbor whose house you want to see, ask them or tell Kim to ask them. If you want to be on the tour you get to participate in the pre-tour and see everyone else’s house.
Usually have 10-14 houses, great way to sell our neighborhood 🙂 a great day!
We also need volunteers! Volunteer jobs include helping to plan, selling tickets, putting together the guide booklet, etc.
Tickets will be about 10 bucks, more expensive day-of
Email Kim if you are interested in volunteering or participating!

Newsletter Update: Alex
We need volunteers to help distribute the newsletter once we get it printed! If you can hand them out to your block or a couple blocks, contact your neighborhood VP or Alex!

The newsletter is funded by the advertising we run in the newsletter, so if you know/are a small/local business owner, consider buying an ad! It’s a great deal and it goes to EVERYONE in the neighborhood 😀

All of our content is crowd-sourced! If you did anything cool in the neighborhood recently or have any ideas for blurbs, email it to Alex! 

Community All-Star Award
Congrats to June Community All Star Kim Wiggins, who made and delivered baked goods for SO MANY moms in our neighborhood on Mother’s Day. Kim is so sweet, PUN INTENDED

Have another Community All Star in mind? Nominate them! Via this email thing.

Camera Network Monitoring Group
Background: City Watch is a program where you can register your personal security camera with Baltimore City and the Police will be able to use your footage to solve crimes. They don’t really know how to use it yet though, so it isn’t utilized much.

Security Chair Matty talked to PPNA board and State’s Attorney’s Office, determined that we could and should make our own community system for this. Volunteers would be able to find footage of crimes and represent the interests of the neighborhood in court. Businesses and residents might also be able to apply for community funding to get cameras.

Matty’s also got a recommendation sheet for cameras (brands and usage) which you can email him about.

Needs: volunteers interested in monitoring cameras; people with cameras – Email Matty! 

Baltimore Bike Share Update

City DoT is partnering with two different companies to run this program and get the equipment. There are two phases- phase 1 will launch in October. It includes up to 50 stations, each would have 10 bikes. Also includes electric-assist bikes (popular in Europe, pretty cool!)
Ppl would get memberships – membership costs and station locations have not yet been decided! They’re hoping to approve everything in July via community meetings, so get your two cents in on station locations ASAP!
You can use the website to tell them where you want stations and take a survey on membership cost, etc.

Update on Expanded RoFo
We had a follow-up community mtg with the RoFo ppl last week, June 7. We presented two modifications to their plan re: lighting, environmental concerns, community safety, and traffic considerations. They are open to this stuff but limited on budget so we’ll see how much of that makes it in to their final proposal. If it does, we will write them a letter of support.
Their BMZA Appeal Hearing is on June 28th.

Robyn Lewis & the (unofficial) Green Alley
Alley Gating/Greening Party! Sat, June 18, 9am to 1pm Unit Block of Potomac/Curley
We are going to use art and greenery to transform our alley into a place that we all own and can enjoy. Placemaking- collaborative visioning for what you want a neglected space to be and acting on it!! We are painting the entire surface of the alley into a mural of a
THANK YOU to Waterfront Partnership, BOPA, Parks and People, MECU, Devin Creek Foundation, and donations from neighbors like John Eubank. Also, PPNA! 😀 Thanks Dedrick for handling those grants 🙂
Check out pictures of the event here and get involved in further projects via Facebook!

Robbyn Gated and Greened, You Can Too! – This has taken a year, but you can do it too. Have a dream, share your dream, talk to your friends and neighbors, talk to the PPNA for technical and financial support! You have resources in this neighborhood, make use of them!

Silver Spatula Winner
Dan Danko wins with Pesto Pasta Salad, BLT Salad runner up.
Congrats and thanks to all!