PPNA Meeting Minutes – July 2016

Patterson Park Neighborhood Association

Monthly General Meeting
Monday, July 11th, 2015
Patterson Park Public Charter School Cafeteria (unexpectedly)

The 2016 Board is introduced, new neighbors are introduced, we all marvel at the cool space and air conditioning in the charter school’s cafeteria (we were locked out of the church)

Members Cocktail party
Leigh is holding a planning meeting for this on Tues Aug 9 at the Concert at the Pagoda. “I will be at the Northeast corner of Pagoda hill by the cannons. I will have a blanket with palm trees on it.”
Interested in planning an awesome party on the roof of the charter school? Be there! Or contact Leigh via email or phone (610-842-2552)

Home Tour
Kim is still planning the Fall Home tour! If you’d like to be involved as a homeowner, renter, or volunteer email Kim.

Mark Parker’s Announcements
Mark’s got welcome packets for new neighbors. Come welcome people to the neighborhood!

Breath of God Lutheran is hosting Summer Camp for 6-11yr old kids
Camp runs through August 12th, 8:30am-1pm! Cost is $10 per week. Breakfast and lunch are free, and provided by the Baltimore Summer Food Program. Share with neighbors and friends!

Youth Engagement Committee
This is a new group, they held a community kickball game in July, are holding an End of Summer Celebration in the park on Aug 27. RSVP on Facebook to the event, and check out more info on getting involved w the planning.
Point of the committee:
To bring the community together in a fun social way, give neighbors a way to get to know the youth of our area and vice-versa, talk it up to your young neighbors : )

Frantz Edouard : Community All-Star
Engaged neighborhood kids in community clean ups – “their environments have made them have to put up a firewall, but they’re now taking charge of their space, picking up trash and pulling weeds.”

“It does take a village to take care of these kids. Change is not going to happen overnight, but we need to keep putting in the effort.”

PPNA-PPPCS Partnership Committee
Another new Committee!
Goals: Cleaning & greening around the school, neighborhood preference being added to the community school, better communication and parking
Interested in getting involved? Email Lynne for more info!!

New Mural at Fayette and Milton
PNC Transformative Art Prize – 25k awarded to PPNA!!
We’ve partnered with Mural Masters to paint this mural
It will be the Chesapeake Bay environment & the city skyline + a leaf shaped bench for the bus stop
Will be happening in September
Want more info? Wanna get involved Email coordinator@pattersonparkneighbors.org

Bill Ferguson Sen, 46th district
Originally came to Baltimore as a TFA teacher, really got to know the community
Has served in the MD State senate since 2010, lives right here in the neighborhood!

Session Updates:
Schools- got the budget back up
Funded health care, higher ed, safety, etc.

Passed ‘Baltimore Package’ $290 worth of bills for community development in Baltimore, start July 1 2017

MarylandCorps – new year long stipend-based program for young adults (17-23)

“Strategic Partnership” of UMBC and UMD
– includes $4mil a yr to bring technological innovations to Baltimore as startups

Liquor Board

  • very important to the health of the community
  • rejected Gov’s appointments,
  • we now have a new board, appointed by the Mayor and City Council
  • their newest idea about not taking written testimony has been recinded after Bill and a bunch of other people objected
  • all of the licenses should be digitized by the end of this month and publicly accessible bc of a bill Sen Ferguson got passed in 2014.

New, revised Baltimore Link Plan was just released, they still haven’t talked to the community leaders but this plan looks more like what we said we wanted last time.

  • no rapid bus link on Linwood or Patterson Park Ave- they are back on Fayette and East & a rapid bus is back on Eastern Ave
  • this is now up for comment there are meetings: mta.maryland.gov/link

Community Weeding at the Park Corner w Steve

  • Baltimore and Linwood
  • Second Tuesday of every month
  • 6:30 to 8, drinking afterwards  

All for One Community Art Studio
this is a new business in the area, they’re interested in getting involved with the community. Stop by and say hello!

National Night Out
Neighbors – please consider coming out for the upcoming National Night Out celebration, this coming Tuesday in Library Square. PPNA is teaming up with Banner Neighborhoods, Friends of Library Square, and other local partners to help put on this fun and informative annual event; all are invited to attend!
RSVP on Facebook for more info