Mission, Goals & Bylaws


PPNA’s mission is to nurture diversity and empower residents to work together toward a healthy future for our neighborhood.


  • Build community spirit
  • Promote revitalization and investment
  • Increase awareness of our neighborhood
  • Promote improved public safety and sanitation
  • Preserve and beautify our environment


Our operational guidelines are described in our Bylaws. The most recent version was revised and approved by members in February 2004. Download Bylaws: PDF | Word doc

GreenPrint (Download the plan here)

In a 2010 grant application to the Chesapeake Bay Trust, the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association Greening Committee wrote: “To strengthen continuity of our greening initiatives, a welldefined strategic plan is an essential tool that future neighborhood leaders can use to guide activities, and relieve them from the burden of starting from scratch at the beginning of each new board term in office. The importance of a strategic plan for neighborhood greening cannot be overemphasized. Such a plan will help to ensure programmatic coherence of various projects; alignment with resident aspirations; alignment with Baltimore City sustainability targets; [and] strengthen partnerships with key city agencies… that are working on greening and environmental stewardship issues.”

This was the catalyst for creating GREENPRINT. Like a blueprint used to build a house, the GREENPRINT master plan is meant to be a guide for the PPNA Greening Committee to use over the next several years to expand on their current activities and develop new initiatives to continue improving the health, beauty, and livability of the neighborhood.