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PPNA Greening Partnership Update

The Patterson Park Neighborhood Greening Partnership (PPNGP) threw serious shade in June!10151365_851214904905032_2045748111_n

Partnering with Friends of Library Square, Public Allies, Banner Neighborhoods and the Department of Public works, PPNGP staged a Resource Fair and Trash Blast in Library Square. Neighbors and volunteers gathered to clean the square and adjoining alleys. 311 tickets were submitted for bulk trash. PPNGP gave away 13 trash cans and 21 recycle bins and collected valuable information on ongoing trash issues in the neighborhood.

PPNGP also joined with the Patterson Park Audubon Center, Civic Works, Banner Neighborhoods and neighborhood volunteers to complete a Bird Habitat/Teaching Garden at 201 N. Lakewood, greatly improving the quality of life for the neighborhood and William Paca Elementary students and showcasing one amazing mural. Take a walk and check it out!

A LOT (seriously) of GREEN!

This winter (and part of spring), PPNGP committee members spent an inordinate amount of time writing an extensive grant proposal for the Chesapeake Bay Trust. Chesapeake Bay Trust released that 34 projects were awarded $3.7 million dollars for efforts to clean and green communities that affect the Chesapeake Bay watershed. PPNGP is proud to announce it has been awarded $250,000, one of the largest awards overall, for various impactful projects in the Patterson Park neighborhood.

PPNGP has begun neighborhood outreach to inform the neighbors of the pending installation of pilot blue alleys via a partnership between Blue Water Baltimore, Biohabitats and Baltimore City. These blue alleys will be constructed of a permeable material that both reduces local flooding and cleans water runoff before it hits the Bay.

Finally, PPNGP joined with Banner Neighborhoods to begin renovations on their new offices.

To join in future activities, be sure to like the PPNGP’s Facebook page (Patterson Park Neighborhood Greening Partnership) or email

Patterson Park Alley & Curb Construction

Blue Water Baltimore, in partnership with Baltimore City, Biohabitats, and the Center for Watershed Protection, is working in our neighborhood to install several innovative stormwater management systems that will significantly help improve the Baltimore Harbor and Chesapeake Bay.  Stormwater is the primary Bay pollutant coming from urban areas, and it is the only Bay pollutant that is still on the rise.

Construction in our neighborhood is scheduled to start within the next few weeks (summer of 2014).

This notice is also meant to provide answers to the more frequent questions we have received:

Q.  What is the cost to residents?
A.  Thanks to grant funding from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, there is no cost to residents.

Q.  How long will the construction take?
A.  Alley construction is expected to take approximately 3-4 weeks per alley.  Curb construction is expected to take 2 weeks per curb bump-out.

Q.  How will construction impact us?
A.  During construction, alleys will be closed to pedestrian and vehicle access.  Baltimore City DOT is attempting to secure nearby parking for residents who park behind their homes.  DOT is also working with the Bureau of Solid Waste to coordinate alternative trash and recycling pickup locations.

Q.  Who is responsible if there are problems?
A.  Per City code, all contractors working for the City are held responsible for repairing, restoring, rebuilding, or otherwise fixing any damage or injury caused to public or private property, at the contractor’s expense, while constructing or completing any project on behalf of the City of Baltimore.  The City will be responsible for any problems that might arise after the contractor’s warranty period, at no cost to residents.

Q.  Who is responsible for the long-term maintenance of these systems?
A.  The monitoring and maintenance of these systems will be shared between the City and your neighborhood community association.  A Memorandum of Understanding is being developed (with community input) that will outline the specific responsibilities.

For any additional questions or concerns, the following people are available to assist you:

Construction management
Michael Camper
Baltimore City Department of Transportation
Ph: 410-396-6969

Patterson Park Liaison
Terresa Carter
Ph:  443-204-7763

General questions:  
Ashley Traut
Blue Water Baltimore
Ph:  410-254-1577 x103